5 features to look out for in an evolving online shopping experience

How would you feel if you got the best of all worlds that we live in- social networking, online shopping, killer deals, being a celebrity – all at one place? Well, think over it and prepare yourself for an answer because that’s where we are headed. Here are 5 questions any upcoming shopping platform needs to answer .

  1. Trusted friends as influence : Sure we have hundreds of reviews for a pro21034485-shopping-and-tourism-concept-beautiful-girls-with-shopping-bags-in-ctiy-Stock-Photoduct we want to buy. But who are the reviewers? How do you know you will like what they like? That’s where our dear friends come in. Envision yourself searching for a portable speaker system on a shopping platform which returns a list of products that your friends have bought. Wouldn’t it be a relief to know ‘their’ experience(and not some random person’s) with a particular speaker you wanted to buy?
  2. Power to choose where you buy from without shifting through multiple tabs. Lets confess. We spend a lot of time skipping shopping platforms to look for best deals or better review quality. Wouldn’t it make your life easier if one platform consolidated the best buying options across all your pet platforms?
  3. Discovery of unusual, quirky stuff : How would you like to see a pen-drive dressed as a Minion, or pencils that grow up to be a plant. Or-if it’s not crazy enough – a toilet golf kit – coz you know how important it is to relax when you are shi… arrm .. ‘sitting’. Isn’t it a collector’s dream?

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  4. Reach retailers with no online presence : There are some specialty stores, the exclusivity of them extending to their products or location or probably customers. Canvas paintings, hand made jewelries, an authentic hand-loom silk saree born in a dingy room somewhere in Varanasi – not having an online presence. Don’t they deserve a wider exposure and don’t you deserve the exclusive treat ?
  5. Being Brand Ambassador  : When you buy that cool blue Nike shoes and show it off to your friends, you are actually endorsing it. A lot of your friends will buy them because you bought it. Just realize how you become instrumental in profits that Nike makes. They owe you big time. Will it be too bad if a shopping platform credits you with the ‘Brand Ambassador’ status and the perks associated with it?

Let these questions ring in your head for sometime. I already hear a Doppler effect. So20120418_podmething is approaching at a very high speed and is going to Zzzzwibe right by us – with answers?? Let’s see.